Featured Curator of the Week: Philip Intile [pi-slices]

Allison House is a designer and technologist who has done design work for companies like Dropbox and Codecademy. She is frequently located between San Francisco and New York City. Her GIF work is therapy for her her strained relationship with technology. With her major design work, she has tried to imbue software with warmth, meaning and a made-by-humans aesthetic. The opposite has emerged in her personal work where she explores nostalgia and atmosphere through a computer-made aesthetic. 

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and the sky way painted with flowers and berries and fire

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I want to cuddle someone cause like I dont know I’m feeling kind of lonely idk I like cuddling even with just friends cause like warmth and you can just feel the affection even just platonic affection and its nice as hell uugghh I wish I had a cuddle buddy even platonic